The George Dickel Red Cup Society

January  Newsletter  2010


As this would be the first “official” meeting of 2010, we felt the desire to make it a “Goodin!”

Keeping with tradition, we had our annual “Chicken Stew,” accompanied by our “World Famous Chili Beans.”




This particular event requires much more stress, worry, and food prep than a regular meeting.

Being the troopers they are, the “Red Cup” gang pulled it off again! Thanks to all that helped!




Our guests started arriving around 6, and it kinda grew from there. We made sure everyone felt welcome!

Big Ole’ Fire, buncha good food, and laugh after laugh! Did I mention we topped off the barrel as well?




We kept the meeting portion of this event to a minimum, not to compromise the fun all were havin’.

The meeting included: Our kitty donations, discussed a few upcoming trips, and viewed a DVD Kenny had created

titled “2009 Red Cup Year In Review” (A Quick Montage Of All The Fun We Had Shared In The 2009 Year)


It just got better, as the night went on, there was pickin’, singin’ & dancin’.




We used this night “Two Fold”. One was to have a very large cup meeting, and the other was to celebrate

 Kenny’s wife Pat & his daughter Cathy-Lee’s Birthdays!


“The Big Announcement Of The Night”

With a pledge to uphold the covenants, the good will, and the quest for fun,

“Uncle Scot”, our Florida rep, beginning March 17th, 2010, will hold the first meeting of the

George Dickel Red Cup Society

( Florida Chapter)

I think they will have quarterly meetings, as opposed to our monthly meetings. At least for now anyway.
We have given our commitment to assist them with their first meeting. In other words, “We’ll Be There.”
This will tie in with our planned March Road Trip to

Lookin’ forward to it....
I’m sure they will make us proud!

GDRCS Birthdays for January - Not Gettin Older, Just Better!

(January 9)

Carrie (January 17th)
Scot (January 28th)

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”


george dickel red cup society


Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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