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January 2011 Newsletter

Our January Meeting/Chicken Stew


The January meeting has become a tradition of sorts. We combined our meeting, a
Chicken Stew, and celebrated a few birthdays all in the same night. As usual, we
started with a healthy supply of George Dickel, 30 or so chickens, and
about 40 pounds of ground beef!....and everybody lends a hand!






A few friends and a buncha Red Cuppers, go at it the night before the event, preparing

the chickens and the chili!.....Might be an excuse to have a Dickel or two as well...Ya Think?

It seems like “Fried Chicken Livers” during the food prep has become a tradition as well!






As the evening progressed, the group viewed a DVD of the past year’s events,

appropriately named “ 2010 Red Cup Year In Review”. A special plaque was presented

by Jake to our friend, Taylor Comstock, who is our “2011 Distinguished Citizen ” recipient.




Voted upon, and approved……we welcomed a new member to our group.

Please join us in welcoming Jason Grady to the

“George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Jason was discovered on a street corner, holding a cardboard sign, sporting his claim to

his God given, “Gift of  Voice”… Look for him to appear with Matt Lauer on the Today Show,

and a spot on daytime television with Dr. Phil.


Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Tim Carter at the garage 0n February 24th, 2011

Tim has employed our locally famous Mark Flynt, also known for his business “Pulliams”,

to prepare this meal. We are looking forward to this for sure!




Our special photo of the month!

We thank John Lunn, Master Distiller, George Dickel

For sending us a special signed bottle to “Kick Off” our event.



Thanks John.... “You Da Man”!


The George Dickel Red Cup Society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky

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