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February 2011 Newsletter

Our February Meeting


This month’s meeting was hosted by Tim. As opposed to doing a bunch of cooking,
he just hired Mark Flynt, of Pulliams B-B-Q, to work his Hot Dog magic for the entire
group. Tim did prepare the snacks and such and help set up the garage for the event.
Jake & Kenny sampled everything for him!

gdcrcs 1  gdrcs 2  gdrcs 3  gdrcs 4       


Mark’s “Hot Dogs” were just named #1 in the South by Rachael Ray Magazine. Pretty impressive!
We were glad he took time out of his schedule to come help us out. A couple of Wake Forest University
graduate students were in the process of making a short documentary film on Kenny and his activities,
and became interested in seeing what this George Dickel Red Cup Society was all about. So they came
out, with cameras in hand, and enjoyed what this group had to offer…. I think they had a large time!


gdrcs 5  gdrcs 6  gdrcs 7  gdrcs 8

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We had two very worthy causes to address at this meeting. One being “Relay For Life” and the
other being the “Special Olympics”. Joel and a friend of the group, Tammy, gave us a run down
on the needs for both of their causes, and the group responded very graciously.
We hope we helped in some small way!


gdrcs 13  gdrcs 14  gdrcsw 15  gdrcs 16

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Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Ben Howie at his home on March 24th, 2011
He has not revealed the menu to date, but knowing Ben, it will be good!



Our special photo of the month!

We seem to have a turf conflict. Mark Flynt and the boys, showed up
with special shirts made for this event. “The Red Dog Society!”


gdrcs 21


But there’s only one “George Dickel Red Cup Society”


The George Dickel Red Cup Society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky

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