The George Dickel Red Cup Society

March Newsletter 2009


Our March Meeting


Keith has always been pretty handy at the grill. He prepared marinated grilled chicken breasts that
were “Slap Yo Mama” good! Throw in some roasted Asparagus, Scalloped potatoes, Creamed Corn, Rolls,
 and you have a feast! Not to mention Jake’s cheese tray appetizer. Finish all that with
Pineapple Cake & Pound Cake! Now you tell me!






Our March Adventures


It seems early every year we find ourselves headed for warmer weather as we have suffered “Cabin Fever” long enough.
Florida always seems like the perfect place. So this year was no different. Little nasty leavin’ here, but got better as we went.





St. Augustine the first night, then hooked up with Uncle Scot and dropped in on our buddy Dewayne in Okeechobee.
Then down through
Everglades City, and eventually to Key West. Beautiful ridin’, beautiful weather.




After we left Key West, we worked our way up through Daytona, then Charleston, and eventually home!





It would be hard to post all the great pictures of the trip. We hope this gives you some idea of the fun we had!

The next meeting is at Kenny’s!

GDRCS Birthdays for March - Not Gettin Older, Just Better!

Butch (March 16th), Roger (March 19th)

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”


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