The George Dickel Red Cup Society

March Newsletter 2010


Our March Meeting


Our goal this month was to have Mark Flynt, from the world famous “Pulliam’s” come do his Hot Dog magic!
Mark was tied up on this particular date, so we took a shot at a “Red Cup” imitation.  



Kenny had been trying his hand at “Chainsaw Carving” on an old log he got from Keith.
Everybody seemed to have a little fun with the soon to be “Very Large Dickel Bottle”  


The hot dogs went over big. I know Jake probably ate twelve…. I think everybody had
three or four.  
Thanks to everyone that helped.  It was a huge success!



Keeping with tradition, somebody started a fire, that spawned more “Red Cups” and
more “Story Tellin.”
 We can’t put our finger on it, but there is something about a fire!




We had two guests sit in on our meeting.
Kenny & Jake invited Ben Howie, and Dano invited
Vernon McKinney
We thank them for their company and hope they had a good time.

Contributions to the “Kitty” were very generous. Tim got us up to speed on our balance and
we all shared the excitement of having such a healthy balance this early in the year.  

Our Upcoming Adventures
We hope to get some good pics of our upcoming April-Florida Trip.
Scot has postponed the first
Florida Chapter meeting until we get there.
Looking forward to it!

The next will be at Jake and Carrie’s (April 22nd).
They won’t tell us the menu. We don’t know if it’s
they haven’t decided, or because it’s supposed to be a big surprise! ……8D

GDRCS Birthdays for March -
Not Gettin’ Older, Just Better!
Butch (March 16th) & Roger (March 19th)

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”

the george dickel red cup society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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