The George Dickel Red Cup Society

April Newsletter 2008


Our April Meeting


This being our second official meeting, we brought on board a few more participants. We asked Harry, Jake ,
And Butch to come be a part of our fun. They were automatic inductees since they were known by all.
Cub had invited Marty to join us on a bike trip.Since nobody knew him as well as Cub did, we had to vote him in.
 He made it. So he attended the gathering as well. The FBI report had a few blemishes, but, we took him in anyway!
Our meal this meeting consisted of Pork Chops, Roasted Red Potatoes, Corn On The Cob,

Broccoli & Cheese, & Rolls. Finished off with Coconut Cream Pie!




Harry had just purchased a new Can-Am “Spyder”. Everybody took turns “Checkin’ It Out”. Pretty cool & fast  machine!

Kinda like a “Trike” turned around backwards!




A decision was made to collect a few bucks from all attending, with an aspiration to maybe help someone at Christmas.
Take a guess what we named it? How bout’ our “Christmas Fund”




Earlier This Month


We took a bike trip south. We went to Atlanta, Charleston, & Myrtle Beach. Good trip, great fun!

We had the opportunity to meet Marty, as well as Jake’s friend and neighbor, “Russ.”

Somewhere along the way Joel started callin’ him “Chip.” We still haven’t figured that one out, but we all
started callin’ him that as well! He looks like he’s gonna be a keeper.  Just gotta vote him in, we guess!





We pretty much enjoyed our 2nd official month in existence. It looks like this is going to be a good thing.

Good people... and a bunch of enthusiasm!


“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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