The George Dickel Red Cup Society

June Newsletter 2009


Our June Meeting


I guess it would be an under statement if we described our June Cook Out, as anything other than spectacular.
We assembled at the truck stop and took a short trip south of here. Keith invited us all down to his
Lake Norman
 retreat. Not only that, he ordered fresh flounder, fresh meaning never frozen and 2 days prior it was still
swimmin’ in the Atlantic, to host a “Fish Fry”.  Taylor and Rhonda were able to make it in as well.
It just couldn’t have been better.




Spent some time in the sun, in the water “tubin”, and an attempt or two to at water skiing. A little something for all.




The food was absolutely wonderful. Keith is kinda known for his cookin’, so we knew it was gonna be good!
We really didn’t get into a lot of meeting stuff. We just collected a few bucks from everybody for the “Kitty”
 donation, and went back to havin’ fun.




We sincerely thank Keith for having us. He even said, since he suffered no damage to his place, he will
probably have us back next year. We accepted!


Earlier This Month


Jake & Kenny set off on a bike trip to Amish country. Their trip took them through Intercourse, PA, Gettysburg,
Hershey, then down the
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to Luray Caverns. Little wet, but being the
 “Old Troubadours” they are, they had a good time!





Looks like the next meeting will be at Cub’s.
A cookout by the pool!


GDRCS Birthdays for June - Not Gettin Older, Just Better!

Russ (June 1st), Dano (June 2nd), Tim (June 15th), Norm (June 18th), Eddie (June 29th)

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”


Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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