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June  Newsletter  2010


A "Red Cup" Member Helping Others!

We  would like to first of all thank T-Roy for his recent Mission Trip to Honduras. He and some friends
left mid June,
and were able to install a filtration system, providing the village with clean drinking water.
The “Red Cup” was a request by Kenny!

rcs member helping 1 rcs helper rcs help rcs helper

Two "Old Troubadours" Ride Again!

In its third year running, (I believe it is) Jake & Kenny headed out on their bikes for their annual “Old Troubadour’s Ride. With an explanation nothing short of a “Wild-Hair,” they decided to attempt what’s known as an “Iron Butt.” This basically means ridin’ one thousand miles in 24 hours!

rcs ot 1 rcs ot 2 rcs ot 3 rcs ot 4

Well... they not only achieved it, they knocked down 1500 miles in 36 hours for yet another  level of achievement! The trip took them as far away as North Dakota, and wound up being a 3050 mile adventure in 4 days and 2 hours.

Our June (Lake Norman) Cookout/Meeting

This meeting was hosted by Keith at his Lake Norman retreat. What fun we had!

rcs meet lake 1  rcs meet lake 2  rcs meet lake 3  rcs meet lake 4

rcs meet lake 5  rcs meet lake 6  RCS MEET LAKE 7  rcs meet lake 8

As usual, Keith did a fantastic job. I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t stated what a
time they had. Boating, Sea-Doos, Tubin’, and a wonderful “Fish-Fry.”

rcs meet lake 9  rcs meet lake 10  rcs meet lake 11  rcs meet lake 12

rcs meet lake 13  rcs meet lake 14  rcs meet lake 15  rcs meet lake 16

We thank our buddy Keith, and hope we can make this an annual event!

Our next meeting is scheduled at Cub’s pool, July 22nd.  I’m sure this is gonna be a great time!

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Upcoming GDRCS Birthdays for July- Not Gettin’ Older, Just Better!

Cub (7-3)
Billy (7-15)
Keith (7-18)
David (7-29)

“Happy Birthday” From The Red Cup Gang!

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”

the george dickel red cup society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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