The George Dickel Red Cup Society

July Newsletter 2008


Our July Meeting


The month of July was probably one of the most exciting months to date. The meeting started early

with a group hangin’ around the pool. I’m talkin’ 2PM early. We even had Tim makin’ us drinks!

 “Oh Pool Boy”…..Tough, life this Red Cup Society!




Our meal this meeting was Spaghetti finished off with Tim’s Chocolate Éclair dessert!




David dropped by on his way home from visiting his wife “Deb”, who was in Hospice.

He couldn’t stay long , but just wanted to give us an update!




Earlier This Month


Kenny had been sending emails for a few months to a particular bidder on EBay that seemed to be very much in touch

with the more nostalgic items that bore the Dickel name. They were kind enough to email him back . They had agreed to

meet us for dinner the next time we were in Tullahoma, TN. Taylor, Rhonda, their daughter, Leann, and her boyfriend, Eric.

As it turns out, Taylor works for Dickel. So in the photos below, we would like for you to meet our new friends.

After meeting them for dinner, we all visited the distillery the next day, where we were very well received!




John Lunn, Master Distiller, joined us for dinner, where we presented him with our 2008 “Distinguished Citizen Award”




After a wonderful visit to “The Hollow”, we departed Tullahoma and headed for Gatlinburg.

We hung around the pool, did some local ridin’, and continued to have a large time! Two of our buddies, Joel & Butch,

couldn’t make the trip. After braggin’ about the fun we had, they only had one response!




While we were at the distillery, they gave Kenny a metal Dickel sign. He had John and several sign it for him.

They asked if they could keep the sign and maybe get a few more signatures on it.

Turns out, they had everybody that worked for Dickel sign it! Kenny was a tickled!

He framed it, and it proudly hangs in his garage. Right over his barrel!



Lookin’ forward to August!

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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