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June    Newsletter     2011

~ Our June Meeting ~

As always, Keith & Sheila hosted a wonderful event at their Lake Norman home. Keith has a
connection at the coast and always gets fresh Flounder for these events. Probably as good as
you’ll ever get. Some showed up at Kenny’s garage prior to the journey. Some rode motorcycles
and some took the car. There were only a few that had schedule conflicts, so the turnout was great!

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We were honored that Taylor and Rhonda, our very loyal and wonderful friends
from Tennessee, were able to join us. We always enjoy their company!

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As usual, several people jumped in to help Keith as needed. Some were cooking and
some were running stuff back and forth, and just whatever was required. Keith said the
blessing and the eating began. It’s a tradition in this group that the women eat first.
That’s just the way it is...and the way it will always be!


gd13  gd14  gd15  gd16 

We had a short meeting during the dinner. Taylor had brought everyone a gift -
a “soon to be released” George Dickel Stadium Cup. Much appreciated by all!
Donations were good, food was good, and time with friends great!

gd17  gd18  gd19  gd 20

This remainder of the afternoon was spent with a few intense games of Cornhole,
and everybody just “Kicked Back” enjoying the day! We thank Keith again for the
hospitality and for three years running, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Cub, poolside, on
Thursday, July 28th, 2011.
Always a good time!

Our Special Photo of the Month!

Almost everyone enjoyed “High Diving” and various tricks from the elevated
deck portion of Keith’s boat dock. If I had to guess, I would say it’s some 16 feet or
more above the water. Caught this one shot of Butch’s son, Chad, in mid air.

gd21 large

Keith’s son, Wess, probably holds the record for the most outlandish,
“Hey Ya’ll, Watch This $%#@”  performances from this dock.
We just didn’t get a good pic of Wess this particular day!

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