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August  Newsletter  2010

 Our New England Trip


As it wound up, only three warriors made the journey…Scot, Jake & Kenny….Several had issues

that prevented them from joining us….While we understand their issues, we hate they missed

such a fantastic trip!...Beautiful weather.... and no rain!




Our journey took us to Orange County Choppers, Upstate New York, Lake Champlain, and then on
a ferry ride over to Vermont. There, we met up with some of our buddies and rode all over Vermont,

New Hampshire, and Maine. We thank Arnie, Dave, & Tom for the hospitality!



After leaving New England, we ventured thru Amish Country and on to Gettysburg. We helped Scot

load up in Raleigh and wished him a safe return trip back to Florida. I think I speak for all of us….

...This is a trip we’re gonna do every couple of years… We never get tired of the beautiful scenery!





To view more pics of our Trip….Clink the link below! 

Our August GDRCS Meeting


Our August meeting was dedicated to raising some money for a special need. The "Turnout" was great
and the giving was wonderful. We thank Dano, Vernon and Rhonda for a very good time. We further

thank Trey & Joe for the music!... It's always a pleasure to listen to them play!





Our mission was to collect as much as possible to help Dano’s friend “Willy,” who is trying to help

his sister Kathy with a lung transplant. I feel like we succeeded in helping in true “Red Cup” fashion!



Join Us In Welcoming Vernon McKinney - The Red Cup Society's Newest Member!

We have discussed many times over the last year the possibility of asking our buddy Verne

to become an official member. Well, it was voted on...approved...and Verne accepted!


Welcome, Verne, to the Red Cup Society!
There is no doubt you will bring even more light to a very wonderful group of people!


To view more pics of our August Mtg….Clink the link below!

Our next meeting is scheduled at Russ’s, September 23rd.
Lookin' forward to it!!

Upcoming GDRCS Birthdays for September - Not Gettin' Older... Just Better!

Troy (September 3rd)
(September 22nd)

“Happy Birthday” From The Red Cup Gang!

The George Dickel Red Cup Society

the george dickel red cup society

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