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July    Newsletter     2011

~ Our July Meeting ~

Cub hosted this month’s “get-together.” As always, Cub and his wife Sherry did
a fantastic job looking after everyone. The weather was great, the pool water was
absolutely perfect, and the burgers and dogs were super!

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It was somewhat hard to force yourself to get out of the pool. It was one of those
96 degree days and the pool was very inviting. That kinda changed when Cub
fired up the grill. The smell of those awesome burgers cookin’ took precedence!

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We received an update on our friend and Red Cup brother “Harry.” He is back home in
North Carolina, and is doing well. He said he needed a few months recovery time and is
looking forward to seeing us in September!.... We will be excited as well!


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Last August we had a special event to raise money for a friend’s sister who was in
need of a lung transplant. She has been on the list for sometime! Well... she got
the call the Tuesday before the meeting! Her surgery was Wednesday, and she was
reported as doing “Super” - and with less than 1% oxygen aid on Thursday!
Just kinda makes you feel good to hear news like that!

A friend of Ben’s, an Elementary School teacher, had historically purchased extra
art supplies for her students. Times being what they are, and with budget cuts
and all, it was going to be a challenge for her to do this again this year. From this
group’s perspective, it just seemed like helping her would be a good thing to do!
Ben presented her our gift and per Ben, she cried and said “Thank You.”
We love hearing those kind of stories as well!

Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Dano.... it's his annual "Sideyard Bash" on
Thursday, August 25th, 2011.
We're looking forward to it!

Our Special Photo of the Month!

For some reason this Butterfly was around us all during our dinner. Could not
run him off!....We’re not sure if it was some kind of Omen... or if he just liked

gd21 large

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