The George Dickel Red Cup Society

September Newsletter 2008


Our September Meeting


Our meal for this meeting was Chicken & Dumplin’s, Pintos, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Cornbread & Rolls.
Somebody brought turnovers and Kenny made a big ole’ pan of brownies. Seems like we’ve all gained a
pound or two since we started gettin’ together like this.






Usual activity, collected more money for our Christmas fund, and just exchanged jokes and laughter!




Earlier This Month


The Red Cup Gang had the opportunity to entertain the residents of The Elms Retirement Community.

We all showed up with our bikes, and the residents had there pictures taken and swapped motorcycle stories.

Before you knew it, Greg was giving rides around the parking lot. I think everyone, including us, had a blast!

By the way, this was “Grand Parents Day”.







Jake and Kenny headed out on what they deemed an “Old Troubadours” ride. They left the truck stop
at “O’ Dark Hundred”, and when they put the kickstands down, they were in
Little Rock, Arkansas, with 803
miles under their belt. Stopped at a great B-B-Q place in
Texas. It was Jake’s birthday a few days back,
so Kenny talked them into a piece of pie for the old fart!





They proceeded to Oklahoma, then down thru Louisiana, then to Bourbon Street, and
eventually to a 5 Star Casino in
Gulfport, MS.





Leavin’ New Orleans, their trip took them thru Atlanta. So they stayed the night and had
dinner with friends Doug & Lori…plus a few “Red Cups”. Gas got to be a little issue.
Atlanta had none, but Greg called along their route, and helped them in.

Actually, he and Tim met them at the truck stop for a cup of coffee at the end on the trip.




The trip was about 2750 miles. They did it in 5 days!

September is gone. We’re now starting  October. We’ll catch you up then!



“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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