The George Dickel Red Cup Society

September Newsletter 2009


Our September Meeting



Our meeting this month was hosted by Russ. It was a fairly long ride to get there and a few had to relieve themselves
immediately upon arrival. Russ & Shannon prepared baked Spaghetti for our meal. Man was it ever good.
Not to mention all the snacking stuff to boot.




Once again, keeping in tradition, Russ & Jake built a fire for all the reflectin’ that has to be done. Just something about a fire!

It also creates a good place to have our little meetings.




This meeting was postponed a week allowing Kenny to make it back from a bike trip. He and Scot rode about 3700 miles.
Their trip took them to Las Vegas, California, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Route 66, Bryce Canyon, Roswell, NM, Texas,
Louisiana, & eventually home. Kenny waved Scot off in
Florida and Jake & Carrie hooked up with him in Savannah and
rode the rest of the way in with him.




Again let us thank Russ for being a great host. He has agreed to have us all back out again in 2010, and we’re lookin’ forward to it!



David has asked us to his place for our October meeting!


GDRCS Birthdays for September - Not Gettin’ Older, Just Better!

Troy (September 3rd), Jake (September 22nd)

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”


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