The George Dickel Red Cup Society

October Newsletter 2008


Our October Meeting


This month had started out as a typical Fall meeting. But Man, did it ever get exciting. To begin with our new friends from

Tennessee (Taylor, Rhonda, Leann, & Eric) had taken us up on our offer to come visit. They planned on staying at

Kenny’s house, which promoted delaying our regular meeting time, so they could be a part of the fun.

Better yet, we asked everyone to bring their spouses, and turned this one into a “Large Time”.

Kenny “Hand Cut”, generously sized Ribeye  Steaks, football size baked potatoes, salad and the whole nine yards.




It seemed a good time to have all our members bring their wives and girlfiends. Good time for everyone to kinda get to know
one another. It turned out a huge success, and it appeared everyone enjoyed this wonderful afternoon. While we were
socializing, Rhonda asked for everyone’s attention. Our new friends were able to obtain a “Straight Off The Line” Dickel
Whisky Barrel, donated by John Lunn, “Master Distiller”, and turned it into a true work of art. The barrel clearly was
 designed with our Red Cup Society as the motivation, and The Comstocks presented it to Kenny to place in his garage,
or as some refer to, “The Red Cup Lodge”.It took us a week to get the grin off Kenny’s face.




This was truly a great day. Especially glad our friends come make it from Tennessee, and I don’t think we’ll ever
be able to thank them enough for their generosity as well as their friendship!




We kept the business portion of this gathering to a minimum. Collected for our Christmas fund and discussed our upcoming
Florida trip. That about did it for the meeting part! Since it seemed like a good day to do it, we voted and inducted Norm
into our group. Welcome aboard Norm!



We really didn’t have any rides this month, so not a lot more to report. How could you top this month anyway.

So, that being said, we’ll see you again in November!


“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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