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September  Newsletter    2011

~ Our September Meeting ~

Our buddy Jake had just completed converting his old barn in to an
entertainment area. He invited the Red Cup Gang over to view his
achievements. We know he’s been at it for some four months now, and
we were all excited to see his accomplishments!

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Russ (with his parents in from British Columbia) and Kenny provided
some great music on the porch...It wasn’t long before Jake grew a pair of
Dancin’ Legs!  Several joined in...It was fun!

 gdrcs 10-6 gdrcs 10-9

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A lot of fun was had… but we still can’t explain this picture of Dano!

gdrcs 10

Kenny had taken a bunch of Jake’s pictures and made him a little surprise
DVD of his work, start to finish, on his “Red Barn Lodge.” Everybody gathered
around and watched!  We also sang “Happy Birthday” to the Old Goat!
He had just celebrated his (_ _)th birthday a few days earlier.

gdcrs7  gdcrs8  gdcrs9


Next Meeting Reminder
Thursday, October 27th, 2011.

 Our next meeting will be at the “Rockin’ J Ranch”… Better known as Jason’s House!
Like Jake, Jason has spent some time - and some bucks - converting a building on
his property into a place to have fun. Every time we see it there’s a little something
new! He’s really done a great job. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

GDRCS Photo of the Month!

“Jake & Carrie”
gdrcs 16 l

We appreciate you havin’ us over… Thanks Guys!
The place looks great!

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