The George Dickel Red Cup Society

November Newsletter 2008


Our November Meeting


Our November meeting was held a week early due to Thanksgiving. Attendance was good, food was good, and so
were the Red Cups & laughter. Our menu for this meeting was chicken & dumplings, mashed potatoes,
macaroni & cheese, corn bread, rolls, pintos & onions. Now that’s about as southern as you’re gonna get!
Kenny made brownies and somebody brought cherry turnovers.






We donated from our Christmas fund to the local Rescue Mission, and Greg had come to the table with a special family
he wanted us tosponsor for Christmas. It was settled, we voted and approved Greg’s request. He further agreed to
 take the lead role in organizing how it would all happen, and research the things this family really could use for
Christmas.  More details will be available in December.




Earlier This Month


Fall is definitely in the air, which also cuts down on some of our motorcycle adventures locally. So, if you’re
gonna ride comfortably, you’re gonna have to head south. So we did.

Jake, Tim, & Kenny head for
They met up with Uncle Scot in Daytona and headed for
Key West.





Along the way they looked up a 35 year retired Dickel employee, Dewayne Evans. Dewayne lives in Okeechobee.
We stopped and introduced ourselvesand had lunch together. Great guy! We enjoyed his company! Leaving there we
stopped in
Everglades City and rode some air boats, then on to Key West. It was a great trip, with a lot of beautiful ridin’,
and some wonderful evening Red Cups, food, & laughter. Enjoyed Scot’s company!




One of the funniest things was, Jake decided he was gonna start using 87 Octane fuel in lieu of 93, without informing us.
This, most would know, cuts yourfuel efficiency way down. Well, Jake ran out of gas 3 miles short of our scheduled stop.
Kenny helped him out, and Jake is a smarter man today! We still laugh about it often!




Looking forward to December. We’ll see ya then!


“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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