The George Dickel Red Cup Society

November Newsletter 2009


Our Thanksgiving Meeting



We decided this meeting would follow a traditional Thanksgiving gathering.

From the turkey and dressing all the way down to the “Punkin’ Pie “. I guess you could say we really
“pigged out” at this one. Scot & Family were up from Florida visiting, so the timing couldn’t have been
 better for all of us. We always enjoy their company as well as their friendship! Not to mention the
Red Cup gang gets the opportunity to “show off” a little. This actually turned out to be a fairly large gathering.
We met on November 19th,  as opposed to our regular date.




One of the better portions of the meeting was when everyone took a minute to share with the group,
the things he or she was thankful for. Kenny closed with a prayer and we had a very large and wonderful meal.

After dinner, we had our little meeting.  Dano took a minute to present Billy with a plaque honoring his
upcoming retirement. In tradition, Billy submitted to an act of loyalty within the group, that we call
“The Smellin’ Of The Hole”. It was all good, and we wish Billy the best! We hear he’s headed to the coast!




Kenny had built, with David’s help, a covered bridge on his property which was a replica of one the group came
across on a
New England bike trip. The group took a short walk, as well as a few golf carts, down to check it out!




In closing, we stood on the patio and got a good group shot of a truly stuffed & happy group of “Red Cuppers”!



December meeting will be at Golden Corral.
A short breakfast meeting due to holiday schedules!


GDRCS Birthdays for November - Not Gettin’ Older, Just Better!

Joel (November 13th), Greg (November 24th), Bob (November 25th)


“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



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