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October  Newsletter    2011

~ Our October Meeting ~

We had the privilege this month to visit what Jason Grady refers to as his “Rockin’ J Ranch.” Jason also collects a good bit of Dickel memorabilia and proudly displays it throughout!
Seems like every time we visit he has done a little something new to the place.
We all agree his place is lookin’ good!

As usual, we did a little carpoolin’ to get there. It’s easy to find… cross the river, turn
right at “Yummies,” drive till you come to the “T,” turn right, third driveway on the left.
Those are exactly the directions we gave our competent (designated) driver!

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As in the past, Jason got the help of his faithful friend and employee Elezar and
his lovely wife Maribel to do the cookin’… Once again, authentic and delicious
Mexican food was prepared with great detail.

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Jason and Leigh have a trained “Attack Goat”…Trained to kill on command…
I guess that’s obvious by the photo! Elvis is vicious!

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An evening would not be complete without a little friendly “Corn Hole” competition.
This bunch is serious about this game! It can get ugly!

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After the meal and a little game time we proceeded with our meeting. We voted on
and approved heating oil for a deserving family in need, as well as dinner for Hospice.
We have done this for three years now in memory of Deb Marshall and Carrie’s
friend Cindy Haverson.

Further…. shown in the photo below, we would like you to join us in
welcoming Bruce Williams (Wolf) to our group.


Bruce is retired from the US Postal Service and has served our country
in the US military. Not to mention he’s a pretty good rider -
and he likes making people laugh!


The “Kitty” contributions were great, the food was outstanding, and the time with
friends and their smilin’ faces was priceless. So…in celebration of all the above, we
pulled the top off a fifth of Ole #8 and shared it among the group. It made one

complete round and was empty in 51 seconds flat!......8D (A Red Cup Record!)

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Out of the thousands of photos taken of this group and the fun we have
had over the years, you would be “Hard Pressed” to find a photo without a smile.
Place a value on that!

Next Meeting Reminder

Thursday, November 17th, 2011.

  Our next meeting will be at Kenny’s Garage…We have traditionally had our own
little Thanksgiving and want this year to be the same. It gives us all the opportunity to
extend thanks for the wonderful things in our lives and to one another for our friendships.
Not to interfere with everyone’s family Thanksgiving, we will have our meeting a week
earlier than normal on November 17th.

GDRCS Photo of the Month!

“Jason & Leigh”
Great job with the “Rockin’ J!” You just may see
more of us than you bargained for!

gdrcs 16 l

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