The George Dickel Red Cup Society

December Newsletter 2009

Our December Giving


Tis  the season,  as it’s often stated. This time of year reminds us of the special need for helping others.

The Red Cup Society has always tried to be there when needed.

This year we were able to donate to the Rescue
Mission, help an elderly lady with some heating fuel,
sponsor a lunch for Hospice, and give to a special need brought to our attention by our Cascade Hollow friends.

We have taken on a new mind set in the Red Cup Society, that people need help all year – not just at the holidays.

This year we will do just that … and as we hear of a special need in the community, we will do our
best to be of assistance. Whether it’s January or July, you will never go wrong helping others!

Our December Meeting


Being that the season was rather hectic for many, we decided to get together for a Christmas breakfast
meeting of sorts. We assembled at the Golden Corral on
University Parkway in Winston-Salem, NC.
They were kind enough to provide  a  room for our meeting. We donated to the “Red Cup Kitty”, had a few
laughs, and just basically enjoyed our time with each other.








Next month will be our annual Chicken Stew at Kenny’s!


GDRCS Birthdays for December - Not Gettin Older, Just Better!
Dale (December 17th)
Harry (December 31st)

As we close another year, we are thankful for so many things.
We appreciate all of our wonderful friends and the times we’ve shared together.
We are equally excited about the upcoming 2010 year.

We have a bunch of great things on the agenda, and plan on enjoying ever minute of it!

“May God Bless Each Of You And Your Families”



“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”



Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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