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November  Newsletter    2011

~ Our November "Turkey" Meeting ~
Our November meeting is always a special meeting of sorts. As in years past,
it was held at Kenny’s garage. Just like your traditional Thanksgiving meal -
but a week early! Complete with turkey, ham, dressing and the whole nine! !

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It gives everyone the opportunity to have a little time with what we might call our
second family. We never begin our feast without giving everyone a minute to
personally mention the things that he or she are thankful for. Some stories bring
a few tears and some yield an equal amount of laughter. We close with a blessing
and we begin our feast!

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We had a great meeting with good contributions to our “Kitty”.
Since Christmas is a time of giving, we made sure we allocated plenty
of funds for some of our very special events and charities.

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In true “Red Cup” fashion, we retreated to the fire pit and Corn Hole boards, and
continued our special time together. I just wish we could do this every month….
Oh yeah, I forgot…We do indeed do this every month!...Ha!

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December Meeting Reminder

Saturday, December 10th, 2011.

  Our next meeting will be at Ben & Lindsey’s…It is their annual “Outdoor Movies
and Toys for Tots” shindig….Traditionally a wonderful time! We appreciate them
opening their home to us…You can bet there will be a ton of fun had by all!

As in the past, the following day, we will assemble and head out on our quest to
purchase lots of toys for deserving children. Watch out Walmart, you’d better have
a bunch of shopping carts greased up and ready for this bunch!

Another date to remember will be our dinner for Hospice. This will be December 6th.
Call Carrie or Kenny for all the details!

GDRCS Photo of the Month!

“Welcome Back, Harry!”
It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to have him join us!
We welcome “Harry” back to the group.

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