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March 2011 Newsletter

~ Our March Meeting~


This month’s meeting was hosted by Ben Howie. Some assembled at Kenny’s
garage, a caravan adventure was formed, then we were off to the meeting place.
Ben is a detail-oriented kinda guy, and his strive for perfection was obvious.
Keeping in tradition, the banner was hung and the meeting was off to an official start!

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The menu was grilled chicken and burgers. Ben did all the cooking
while others assisted with yet another tradition, our “Reflectin’ Fire.”


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Jason, being the giving person he is, had discovered an old Coors Light sign at a yard
sale, and thought about his buddy Jake. Jake is in the process of building a special place
for social time, in an old barn he owns…We think we’re gonna name it appropriately
“The Red Barn Lodge”


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Ben had made, and gave to Kenny, a custom “Hoodie” some time back. It had special
meaning when Ben made it and equally when Kenny received it, and still does to this day.
Even if Kenny’s wife always seems to grab it first….Ha!


gdrcs 17  gdrcs 18  

We give Ben a “Thumbs Up” on a great evening. The Kitty donations were good,
the food was great, and the George Dickel Tennessee Whisky?
Well, it’s always good... but you already know that!

Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Jason (Shady Grady) at his home on
April 21st, 2011.
Historically, he’s been pretty good at great “Get-Togethers."
We expect this one to be great as well!



Our special photo of the month!

We always appreciate a good and generous supply
of the "World's Finest Sippin' Whisky."


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The George Dickel Red Cup Society

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