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August    Newsletter     2011

~ Our August Meeting ~

Dano helped us with this meeting. His place is about 12 miles or two Red Cups from Kenny’s
house…And pretty much a usual thing, several dropped by Kenny’s to carpool and maybe have
a jump starter or two. While there, Kenny took them down the hill to his newly constructed
“Cascade Creek” where they christened the new addition in “Red Cup” fashion!


Dano always does things up right! Music, dancin’ and just a whole bunch of fun.
He had his buddy Chad Jones (pictured below in bibs) bring his Big Ole’ Cooker over
and do up some chicken. Pretty good fixins’.

gdrcs2  gdrcs3  gdrcs4  gdrcs5


Keith & Jason shared a memo to be sure and wear yellow shirts and khaki shorts!


Dano had our buddies, Trey & Joe, provide a little music…We never get tired of hearing
these two guys play. Willy dropped in as well to give us an update on his sister Kathy’s
lung transplantsurgery. We’re so glad to hear she is doing well. It was a year ago when
we donated at Dano’s meeting to assist her! Our Red Cup beach buddy Billy Riggs
made it up for this event…We just don’t get to see him enough!

gdcrs7  gdcrs8  gdcrs9  gdcrs10


We had a great “Kitty” contribution… May have had something to do with Dano pulling the
lid off a fifth of Ole No.#8 and passing it around… I think it was gone in about 52 seconds.
I’m sure it didn’t last a whole minute! It was all good... Kenny had a backup!


GDRCS15  GDRCS16  gd15  gd16 

The next morning a lot of phone calls were made back and forth reinforcing what a great time
everyone had. I think the general statement was.. “I can’t remember the last time I had that
much fun.”  But at our age, we’re hard pressed to remember much at all... Ha!

Next Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Jake & Carrie. Jake has recently completed turning their
old barn into an entertainment area. We can’t wait to see it. He wants to have his meeting on
Saturday, September 24th, 2011.
this time in lieu of a Thursday. He also said this would be a “bring the spouse” event.

Our Special Photo of the Month!

“Dano & Jill” - -
Great event, wonderful time…Thanks Buddy!

gd21 large

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