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May 2011 Newsletter

~ Earlier in the Month ~


Late April/Early May, a bunch of the Red Cup gang took a motorcycle trip to Texas.
A few friends made the journey with them. I think the trip wound up about 2700 miles
and 10 states. As opposed to putting up a bunch of pics, please click on the “You Tube”
link below for a special video. I think it will give you a feel for the fun had by all!

gdrcs 511 1

Click HERE for the YouTube Link

~ Our May Meeting ~

We thank Vern & Rhonda for hosting this month’s meeting. Some may not know this,
but hosting merely means you did all the work and all the cookin’. All bull aside,
these two know how to cook! Thanks again guys!

gdrcs 1  


In the interest of car-pooling, and a little pre-social time…several dropped by Kenny’s
and had a couple of jump starters prior to the meeting. Uncle Scot was up from
Florida so he won the honor of being the “Designated Driver.” So…we piled what
seemed to be 40 people in a MiniVan, everyone pulled their shoulders in, and we
shut the door!  It was an intimate experience for the next 20 miles!


gdrcs 5  gdrcs 6  gdrcs 7  gdrcs 8

Vern had his place lookin’ sharp. It was a nice “Pool Side” setting with little water
features everywhere and with plenty of beverages and snacks! Not to mention a nice
banister above that would sport our banner!


 gdrcs 13  gdrcs 511   gdrcs 511 
 gdcrs 511  gdcrs 511  gdcrs 511

After a while we dug into some killer Lasagna with all the fixins’. It was not the kind you
peel the cardboard lid off and shove it in the oven…We’re talkin’ “Made From Scratch.”



After becoming fat and lazy we settled in for our meeting. We discussed upcoming
events and told a few stories about the Texas trip. The Kitty contributions were good
and the fun was great. A nomination was made to accept a new Red Cup member,
voted upon, and approved!

GDCRS 511 23  GDCRS 511 45  GDCRS 511 67

We toast our hosts with a Red Cup and thank them for a night of fun!

Meeting Reminder


Our next meeting will be hosted by Keith at his Lake House on
Saturday, June 25th, 2011.
This will be the third year runnin’ ... and it’s always a whole day of fun!


Our Special Photo of the Month!

The George Dickel Red Cup Society would like to welcome our newest member.

Dennis Scales
gdcrs special 511

Dennis has joined the group from time to time for get-togethers and a
few bike trips. Dennis has one of those “Million Dollar Personalities”
... not to mention he’s just an all-around “Great Guy.” He will be a great
addition to what is already a wonderful group of people!

The George Dickel Red Cup Society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky

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