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April   Newsletter   2010


Our Florida Trip Adventure
And April Meeting

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GDRCS Meeting!

Our Florida Trip

We took off on Monday afternoon (4-12-10) and shut down in Walterboro, SC. The next day, we took the scenic route
down A1A. We were treated with a very warm welcome at Scot’s house in Geneva, FL. We kinda hung out and relaxed a bit.

gdrcs 1 gdrcs 2 gdrcs 3 gdrcs 4

Around 6 PM, everyone gathered for the very first George Dickel Red Cup Society-Florida Chapter meeting.
What a great bunch of people!
I think they’ll do just fine! Can’t begin to describe all the good food and the hospitality.

We owe a debt of thanks to Ana, Regia’, & Millie.... and to all that help make this event a success.

gdrcs 5 gdrcs 6 gdcrs 7 gdrcs 8

The next day, Kenny got up and made the group some Pancakes, and off we went, heading for Okeechobee
and the
Gulf Coast . We had  some “chill time,” a few Red Cups, and a great dinner. The Gulf side was beautiful!

gdrcs 9 gdrcs 10 gdrcs 11 gdrcs 12

Along the way, we found Dewayne down in Okeechobee. We presented him with our 2010 “Distinguished Citizen” award.

gdrcs 13 gdrcs 14 gdrcs 15

Then back to Scot’s where we had a very nice Pot Roast dinner waiting on us (our thanks again to Ana),
more Red Cups, Hot Tub, Relaxin’ & Reflectin’. We kinda got “Spoiled.”

gdrcs 16 gdrcs 17 gdrcs 18

Ole Whitey turned 50K on this trip. Had to celebrate a little!
She's been a good one! Carried kenny over 44 states to date!

gdrcs 19 gdrcs 20 gdrcs 21 gdrcs 22 gdrcs 23
See more Florida Trip pics:

Our April Meeting

This month’s meeting was originally scheduled at Jake & Carrie’s.  Deck completion and a few other issues prevented them
from having it at their place, so it was moved to Kenny’s. They brought about 800 pounds of Baked Spaghetti, and tons of
other wonderful things , including “Live Music”. We thank them for all the hard work and effort put into this meeting.

gdrcs mtg 1 gdrcs mtg 2 gdrcs mtg 3 gdrcs mtg 4

Prior to getting started, we all grabbed a couple of Golf Carts and headed for the woods.
A little “Cruisin’ & Red Cuppin’” of sorts. 

gdrcs mtg 5 gdrcs mtg 6 gdrcs mtg 7 gdrcs mtg 8

We never get tired of listening to Trey & Joe. Two talented individuals.  Russ even took a guitar and set in on a
couple of numbers. Jake was havin’ trouble getting’ somebody to dance with him, so Kenny and David jumped in to
 “Help A Brother Out”. It was too funny!  We invited our friend Andre’ to join us for this meeting. We hope this gave
him the opportunity to put actual names and faces with pics he had seen in the past.

gdrcs mtg 9 gdrcs mtg 10 gdrcs mtg 11 gdrcs mtg 12

Contributions to the Kitty were good and we voted and expedited two donations to Val Pegram and Russ and their
“Relay For Life” causes. We further discussed two upcoming bike trips.
The first being the May Coastal trip and the second
being the Tullahoma trip. Obviously asking for interest and
commitment on those who wish to be a part of the rides.  
Before everyone left, the ones still hangin’ around
 joined Kenny in singin’ “ Happy Birthday,” via Skype, to our buddy Taylor!

Our next meeting is scheduled at Bob’s house on May 27th. We look forward to it!

GDRCS Members: Don't forget about the

“Carolina On My Mind Ride
May 19th Thru May 22nd

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GDRCS Birthdays for April -      Not Gettin’ Older, Just Better!

Taylor Comstock (April 24th)

“Happy Birthday” From The Red Cup Gang!

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”

the george dickel red cup society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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