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May     Newsletter     2010

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Our May Trip to Billy's Beach House

As planned, we headed to the coast on May 19th to visit our buddy “Billy.” We can’t thank him enough for the great
hospitality. On the way down, we had a small issue with Kenny’s charging system. His Stator had failed. Dano called
ahead and had everything lined upon our arrival. After settling in, we went to Cope’s house, a buddy of theirs, and
tore into it. A few hours later, we were good to go.

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We were lucky enough to rent the house directly beside Billy. That made things very handy. Billy showed off his cooking skills and prepared what he called a “Low Country Boil” for dinner. Chunked full of corn, potatoes, shrimp, sausage, and a host of other things, boiled for a while, then dumped on the table. Then it was every man/woman for themselves. Excellent feast. We may have to imitate that at home sometime!

gdrcs may 5 gdrcs may 6 gdrcs may 7 gdrcs may 8

The next day it we went to breakfast then out on the water on a Pontoon Boat. Extremely relaxing day with a lot of fun had by all.  Somebody made Dano  our “Honorary Skipper.” He has the hat to prove it. We  stopped a few places, and had a few drinks and a few snacks, as well as allowing those with the need to “Pee.” We assisted a stranded boat that day and gave him a tow back to the dock.

gdrcs may 9 gdrcs may 10 gdrcs may 11 gdrcs may 12
gdrcs may 13 gdrcs may 14 gdrcs may 15 gdrcs may 16

We all went to Captain Poo’s that night for dinner, where the owner, a friend of Billy’s, presented us with a neat banner he had sported during “Bike Week”, just one week earlier. We thank Billy again, and we hope we have the opportunity to return the hospitality one day. We may have actually started a tradition.
We’ll get back to you on that one!

See more May Trip pics here:

Our May GDRCS Meeting

This month’s meeting was hosted by Bob. We thank his wife Ina, for  bringing it all together.  We had a fairly
large turn-out!  The London Broil was the poo!  As a matter of fact it was all good!  As usual, we all ate too much!

gdrcs may 17   gdrcs may 18   gdcrs may 19   gdrcs may 20

Ina made a special desert laced with George Dickel…  It went over big!  We discussed a few upcoming trips,
contributed to
our “Kitty,”  and basically had a “Good Ole’ Time”

gdrcs may 21   gdrcs may 22   gdrcs may 23   gdrcs may 24

gdrcs may 25   gdrcs may 26   gdrcs may 27   gdrcs may 28

gdrcs may 29   gdrcs may 30

It was a great sitting, by the pool, admiring Bob & Ina’s wonderful place. We thank them both again! 

Our next meeting is scheduled at Keith’s Lake House, June 26th.
If it’s anything like last year, we’ll have a blast!

Upcoming GDRCS Birthdays - Not Gettin’ Older, Just Better!

Russ Tremblay (6-1)
Danny Barnes (6-2)
Tim Carter (6-15)
Norm Overby (6-18)
Eddie McBride (6-29)

“Happy Birthday” From The Red Cup Gang!

“The George Dickel Red Cup Society”

the george dickel red cup society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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