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November Newsletter  2010

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Our Key West Trip

Where do we start? This was probably one of the best trips we’ve had in a while. Dano invited three
of his friends to tag along: Bruce Williams, Lee Nelson & Dennis Scales. A great buncha guys. We
have to give Jake credit for hookin’ us up with a day aboard a 58 foot Hatteras Yacht. What a day!

There were so many pics. 1200 I believe! So for a different twist, we attached a little video.
It doesn’t
come close to illustrating the fun we had! You just needed to be there!

    kgroup     2 peeps

We further would like to thank David, Gina, Charles, and Dawn for the wonderful hospitality!

Pictures of our Key West Trip can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Here is a video of our Key West Trip put together by Kenny.
Fix yourself a refreshment, turn up the sound... sit back ... and enjoy!

If you have trouble seeing this, click here to watch it on YouTube:

To hear more excellent music like this, click HERE.

Our November GDRCS Meeting

Our November meeting was pretty much our official Red Cup Thanksgiving. Great turnout, with
plenty of food, laughs and fun! Kenny hosted the event at his garage. We thank Pat for a large hand
in the food prep as well. It seemed to be enjoyed by all.

gdrcs4  gdrcs5  gdrcs6  gdrcs7

Surprising to us, Dano showed up in a tie. His daughter’s graduation was on the same evening.
He figured out a way to do both. Never seen him cleaned up like that! Keith brought his friend
Randy. A dear friend to both he and Kenny, who we soon found discussing their deep sea
fishing adventures and reflectin’ on old times!


gdrcs8  gdrcs9  gdrcs 10  gdrcs11

Keeping in “Red Cup” tradition, everyone took a moment, around the room, to mention the
things he or she was thankful for…..We never get tired of hearing all the wonderful things on
everyone’s minds and in their hearts. Kenny closed with a prayer and the feast began.


  gdrcs12  gdrcs13  gdrcs14  

After Turkey, Dressing, Ham, Yams and so on, we retreated to the
fire and continued our fun.

drf  4

The holidays are upon us.
We at the George Dickel Red Cup Society wish all
a very safe
and wonderful Holiday Season!

Our Feature Of The Month

Our friend “Ben ” has been discussed many times over the last several months.
The only
thing you can hang on Ben is a large sense of giving... and a big heart.
This kinda makes him a
great addition to what is an already great group of people!

Please join us in welcoming Ben Howie to the

George Dickel Red Cup Society!


Footnote: Ben has invited the Red Cup Gang to his home on December 18th to enjoy food, fellowship,
and outdoor movies. This is Ben and Lindsey’s annual “Toys For Tots” event.
Bring a toy(s) and a smile, and enjoy the two large campfires. Might be a Red Cup there as well!

Our next meeting will be hosted by Dale and his lovely wife Cynthia on
Wednesday, December 15th.
Once again, the meeting is a week early due to Christmas!

The George Dickel Red Cup Society

the george dickel red cup society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky


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