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December Newsletter  2010

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Our December GDRCS Meeting

December was an active month…There seemed to be so much goin’ on! Which will hopefully

help to explain the size of this month’s newsletter. Dale & Cynthia hosted this month’s

meeting, and did a fantastic job.

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Dale’s menu consisted of Western Omelets, Greek Sausage, and a whole bunch of other great items.

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Before and after eating and munching, we kept the laughter going around two
nice fires, then
grabbed a guitar and headed for the family room.

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There Kenny played guitar and Cynthia played the piano, and we made a good attempt
at singing Christmas songs. The mere fact that we
knew little words to all the songs
didn’t keep us from havin’ a ball!

We thank Dale and Cynthia again for the great meal and the fun!

Toys For Tots - "Outdoor Christmas Movie Night"


Ben & Lindsey invited the Red Cup Gang to participate in their annual Outdoor
Christmas Movie
event that also served as an opportunity to collect “Toys For Tots.”
They were wonderful hosts
and the entire evening was just good plain fun!

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The Red Cup Society had already decided to be a part of the Toys For Tots, but had planned an outing

on Sunday morning to purchase our donated toys. We Thank Ben & Lindsey for the invite!

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The following day, as planned, we piled all that could make the journey into
Kenny’s Suburban, and
headed to Walmart.

gdrcs20  gdrcs21  gdrcs22  gdrcs23

We put a lot of thought into our purchases and had a large time running up and down the aisles,

kinda actin’ like kids ourselves. “Bottom Line” ...we truly hope we’ve helped in a small way!


For more information on “Toys For Tots,” click HERE.

2010 GDRCS Dinner For Hospice of Winston Salem

In Loving Memory of Deb Marshall and Cindy Halverson

Deb Marshall  Deb Marshall
Deb Marshall                  and            Cindy Halverson

gdrcs24  gdcrs25  gdrcs26  gdrcs27

Last year, we furnished dinner for Hospice of Winston-Salem in memory of Deb Marshall. This year,
we also honored Cindy Halverson. We
were fortunate enough to be able to thank the people there for all
they do. We even made up two big bunches of our “World Famous Brownies” to take along as well!

gdrcs28  gdrcs29  gdrcs30  gdrcs 31

We thank all our Red Cup guys and gals that took the time to lend a hand. “God Bless” them All!
We had a very memorable month. ”Merry Christmas” ... from the entire GDRCS family!


For more information on Hospice, click HERE.

Click HERE for a a short video of our December GDRCS Adventures

Meeting Reminder


The next GDRCS meeting will be hosted by Kenny 0n January 22nd, 2011.

gdrcs chick sm

I hope we don’t have to say any more than it’s “Chicken Stew” time!

Just A Thought For The Month!


You’ll never go wrong getting yourself involved in events that help others…
and if you try hard enough, maybe you’ll be able to have a few laughs -
and some fun
along the way! Makes for real good reflectin’!

  That may very well be the soul of the “George Dickel Red Cup Society!”

The George Dickel Red Cup Society

the george dickel red cup society

Good Friends….  Good Times…  Good Whisky  

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