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September  Newsletter  2010

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Our September GDRCS Meeting


There were no bike trips in September. Seems like everybody’s schedules were somewhat

hectic. We did, however have a great September meeting. Russ and Shannon took on the

task for this meeting, and did a great job with it. A large number of “Red Cuppers”
assembled at Kenny’s garage for a “Starter Beverage” of sorts.
Then we attempted to
see how many people we could pile in a Suburban.


gdrcs 1 9-10   gdrcs 2   gdrcs 3


Ya see, Russ’ house is a pretty good run from Kenny’s. This sometimes presents a bladder

issue - as it did in David’s case. Upon arrival, not knowing his location relative to the

vehicle, when Kenny came around the back of the Suburban, he was relieving himself.

Well, David - assuming Kenny had his camera in his hand - turned abruptly to the East...
showering everything from West to East....primarily the back of the Suburban!


gdrcs 4  gdrcs 5

Russ had just completed construction of his new deck. We all agree he did a great job.

This happens to be where he hosted the event as well. Wonderful B-B-Q -- and all the fixins!


gdrcs 6  gdrcs 7   gdrcs 8   gdrcs 9


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As the sun set, and keepin’ with the “Red Cup” tradition, we moved off the deck, and built a fire.


gdrcs 16   gdrcs 17    gdrcs 18    gdrcs 19


As is the case every meeting so far, we deem this one a success...

  gdrcs 20

...and sincerely thank Russ & Shannon for their hospitality!

As we close this newsletter I feel obligated to mention that we have a couple of members that have some heavy
burdens upon them presently. One of the most important things anyone will ever do, is to be a buddy, to a buddy,
in time of need. After all, that’s what true friends are for! Without mentioning names, rest assured, you are in our
hearts... and in our prayers…    ”Keep that chin up”!


Our next meeting is scheduled at David's House, October 28th.
Lookin' forward to it!!

Upcoming GDRCS Birthdays for September - Not Gettin' Older... Just Better!

Kenny (October 8th)

“Happy Birthday” From The Red Cup Gang!

The George Dickel Red Cup Society

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