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A special thanks to Rhonda and Taylor for their extensive George Dickel research!

George Dickel: A Man & His Vision

George Adam Dickel was born in Germany in 1818. When he was 26 years old, he
immigrated to the United States and then came to Tennessee in 1853.

Formerly the owner of a shoe and boot manufacturing shop, George A. Dickel started
selling liquor in 1861 and opened a retail liquor store in 1866. He then bought controlling
interest in the distillery in 1884, and exclusive rights to bottle and sell the whisky.

In 1870 George A. Dickel first appears on tax records.

George A. Dickel & Co. acquires rights to bottle and distribute "Cascade Tennessee
Whisky"in 1888. At this time the label depicted a still with a copper worm and was stamped
"George A. Dickel & Company" followed by "Cascade Distillery". The product also bore the
slogan "Mellow as Moonlight."

George A. Dickel had a dream:
To create nothing less than the world's FINEST WHISKY.

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