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On the Highland Rim of the Cumberland Plateau, about halfway between Nashville and
Chattanooga lies Cascade Hollow, (Cascade Creek & Cascade Falls, formerly known as
Gage Creek) half hidden, in a winding valley near Normandy/Tullahoma, Tennessee.
And to get there, you have to travel through some of the most scenic country in Tennessee.
Tullahoma was somewhat of a resort area. You'd walk through the center of town, a
longside the tracks of the L & N railroad, and see two rows of boarding houses. Ladies and
gents would be on the various porches, rocking on rocking chairs and watching the trains go by.

And while they were rocking and watching, they'd be sippin, fine, limestone water that comes
from nearby Cascade Springs. When George got a taste of this water, he was absolutely sure - Normandy/Tullahoma was going to be the home of his new Tennessee whisky distillery.

When George & Augusta Dickel moved to Cascade Hollow from Nashville in the late 1860's it
must have seemed to George that he had stumbled upon a Distiller's Dream. The ancient limestone
shelf provided sweet, pure water that ran fresh and clear. The surrounding valleys and plains yielded
rye, Indian corn and barley that would give George's whisky its smooth, dry mellow palate.

Most important of all, there was an atmosphere of unhurried calm, broken only by the sound
of bird song and the murmur of the fast flowing creek. Here, at last was the ideal land for making
whisky. He found a choice piece of land in Cascade Hollow, right near Cascade Spring, and built his
distillery. This was in the early 1870's. Using the Cascade Spring water, (and they still use that same
spring today) he began to make whisky. His goal was to make the best Tennessee whisky ever made.

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