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2012 George Dickel Red Cup Society Agenda


June 14th, 2012 (Thursday Afternoon)

We always try to show our appreciation somehow for Hospice and the wonderful
people there. We historically do this around Christmas every year. It was decided
last year that we will do this twice a year. Further we pledged to put a more
personal touch to it and actually prepare the meal ourselves and deliver it. That is
exactly the plan for this day.

We will prepare food for 60 plus people and deliver it complete with chafing dishes
to Hospice of Winston-Salem. After we have everything set up, we will have
a little social time and dinner at “Tripps”, just down the road.


June 23rd, 2012 (Saturday Event)

Keith will host, for the 4th year running, his Fish Fry and Fun On The Lake event.
As always, bring your companion, bathing suits, and have some fun!

Location: Keith's House - Lake Norman
Time: From Noon until whenever…. Dinner will be around 6 PM


July 11, 2012 (Wednesday Afternoon/Evening)

This is an odd night as well as early due to part of the gang
leaving for California on the bikes July 13th.

This event will be hosted by Tim at Kenny’s Pool. He intends to employee the World Famous “Mark Flynt” and the “Pulliam’s Hot Dogs” Red Dog Society to prepare dinner! He has been encouraging people to come early and swim. He says he will act as the “Pool Boy” and keep everyone’s refreshments topped off! The last time he did this there was a pool full at 3PM.

Location: Kenny’s Garage/Pool
Time: Whenever you can break away..... Dinner will be around 7.


July 13, 2012 (Friday The 13th)

A small portion of the society will be departing at the “Butt Crack Of Dawn”
on a two week motorcycle adventure. This trip will be approximately 7200 miles!

California, here we come!

There’s always room for more. Come join us!
Contact Kenny (the white bike) for more details.


August 23rd, 2012 (Thursday Evening)

It will be burgers and dogs poolside hosted by Cub & Sherry. Always a lot of
fun and the pool is usually full. We look forward to this one every year.

Location: Cub’s Pool
Time: Come swim and plan to eat around 7.


September 27th, 2012 (Thursday Evening)

This event will be hosted by Dano at his place. The food will be prepared by
anyone Dano can get to cook and he will probably decide the menu the day
or two before. He typically has had a little music and we believe that is his
intent this time as well. We truly look forward to this one as well.

Location: Dano’s House
Time: From 6 PM on!


October 25th, 2012 (Thursday Evening)

Jake and Carrie will host this event at their “Red Barn Lodge”. A wonderful
renovation to a nice big ole’ barn. When first meeting him, I remember Joel
asking Jake, for directional purposes, “Just where is your barn?”…and Jake’s
reply in a cool response was…”It’s just behind the house”!...We still laugh
about that from time to time! Anyway, this is always a great event and
we expect nothing less on this evening!

Location: Jake & Carrie’s House
Time: From 6:30 PM until!


November 15th, 2012 (Thursday Evening)

A week early due to Thanksgiving, the Red Cup Gang will observe their
version of Thanksgiving. Nothing will be left out. Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Yams, a
nd the whole nine yards”. This is always such a wonderful event and a time to
share thanks with all. This has been a tradition at Kenny & Pat’s for several
years running. Enjoyed by all!

Location: Kenny & Pat’s House
Time: The “Blessing,” followed by dinner at 7 PM!


December 8th, 2012 (Saturday Evening)

A tradition around Christmas at Ben & Lindsey’s house has always been
outdoor movies, camp fires, and tons of food. They invite all their friends
and the entire Red Cup Society over. Everyone brings a gift to be later taken
to the “Toys For Tots” drive. It just wouldn’t be the same during the
Christmas Season without this event. We look forward to it every year!

Location: Ben & Lindsey’s House
Time:  “Dark”….Hard to watch an outdoor movie otherwise!


December 9th, 2012 (Sunday Noon)

We are all still kids at heart and love assembling and make our annual pilgrimage
to WalMart. We buy tons of toys and create our own contribution to “Toys For Tots”.
From the George Dickel Red Cup Society. This is usually followed by a Spaghetti
supper later that afternoon at Kenny & Pat’s. We see no reason to break a tradition.

One that is enjoyed by all. We historically set a fairly nice budget to begin
with but historically bust it every year….And that’s a good thing! Place a v
alue on a smiling child face at Christmas!

Location: Be at Kenny & Pat’s House
Time: “High Noon”


GDRCS Meetings usually take place on the 4th Thursday
of each month unless stated differently.

Got Some Ideas for travel and/or other fun?
Throw Them Out There!
  We Like Adventures!

~ 8D

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